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Yay it's August!! (even though I'm only posting this now hahaha.....)

*sighs* there's so much that's going on this month.  Tomorrow I start volunteer work at the middle school again, my birthday's coming up next week, I'm suppose to get my roommate assignment for college soon, and I have to do my voting ballot and mail it off to Seattle before August 18th.

Well I'm finally caught up watching Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, both the subbed and RAW versions. Now I have to wait a week before the new episodes.....oh well that might be a good thing so I don't end up staying up late watching it.

I FINALLY watched Dream Live 6th! It took literally an entire day to download it but it was worth it. I'll admit it: I cried. 4th cast graduation was probably the saddest Tenimyu moment I have seen so far. They even had special uniform/suits! Poor Daisuke, I think he cried the most, but I don't blame him. I probably would have cried at least just as much if I was him. Overall I loved this Dream Live! I could go on and on about it but I won't, just because that would involve too much typing heh. I still have to finish watching the backstage and adlibs though.

Well now I'm off to finish my voting stuff.

Mata ne~

I Want Mine Too!

WAH OMG I just saw some scans of the Shitenhoujimyu photosets. That means people got them already! I had mine shipped to my dorm because I didn't know when they were going to come. I only saw 3 of the 4th Seigaku cast members, which is the set I ordered. They had Tezuka, Fuji, and Inui.  Watanabe Daisuke and Furukawa Yuuta look really good as Tezuka and Fuji in this set! I Want my set!!!

First Sunday Back

This is my first time on the home computer in months. It feels weird heh.

I started working on a Tokyo Ghost Trip video again today. Well, I put the clips together but my friend asked if I could do subtitles again so I'm doing that later. Doing subtitles take a long time.

I'm volunteering at the middle school tomorrow since my friends are still in college taking their finals.  Next week we're hanging out! YEAH! Well, at least try to ^_^;

I'm downloading the Tenimyu Imperial Presence Hyoutei musical right now. I still think they have awesome music and effects hehe.
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College Preparation Day 1

Well first here's a picture of the eraser shaving car cleaning thing I bought yesterday.  Isn't it cute? The blue sticks sticking out are the brooms.  Whoever came up with that is a genius! Tensai!! Like Aiba Hiroki in my icon! XD

So today instead of sleeping in today, my dad woke me up at 7:30AM so we could go shopping for things I needed for college. We've been driving around all morning to Wal Mart, Costco, and this local snack store so I could take some Japanese snacks on the plane to munch on hehe.

Then in the afternoon, I had to go downtown to get a flu shot.  Since the clinic was near a Japanese store Iiked, Hakubundo, I asked my dad (very nicely) if I could go there one more time since we don't know if Seattle has a good Japanese store like Hakubundo.  I bought a Japanese magazine while I was there so I wouldn't be completely bored on the plane. Here's a picture!

Sadly they didn't have the magazines Good*Come or NeoActor (which I would totally go crazy for) this magazine still had Tenimyu actors (YAY!) It had Shirota Yuu and Seto Koji! YAY!! Oh then on the VERY last page, it was an advertisement for this new Kamen Rider movie (I think...) called: Masked Rider Den-O The Movie Final Countdown (I'm not sure if "Final Countdown" is part of the title but it was in English on th page next to the title :P) and guess who was on it?? SAKURADA DORI!! It had one of the Tenimyu actors that I always see in Good*Come or NeoActor!! And it was on the very last page!! Talk about a good ending!!

Okay that's all for now.

My arm's really sore from that flu shot....

And I have to get up early again tomorrow for another day of preparation bleh....

Well talk to you later!

Torikon! <3

Today's picture: This is me being super bored at work and browsing the Triple Complex website hahaha.  This page talks about the sequel (though I have no idea what it says because there's a lot of kanji and I can't read a lot of kanji)

Oh before I start, just so you know, "Torikon" is the short version of "Triple Complex."   See, the Japanese way of writing it is "TORIPURU KONPUREKUSU" in katakana.  So instead of writing and saying the whole thing, the Japanese refer it to "Torikon" with the "tori" from "Triple" and "kon" from "Complex." or in English, it's "Tricom" but I like saying "Torikon" better.

I wonder if Minami dyed his hair black, or changed it back since his hair was originally black, because he was the only one with brown hair in the first movie.....oh well.  I like it better that they all match now (that's just me)  I have no idea what kind of pose Shindo's doing in that picture (they're all looking at something by the way)  How often do you see someone looking at something in that pose?  At least Minami looks fascinated by whatever they're looking at (the picture may be too small to tell but Minami IS smiling) and Yagami just looks ........normal?? I'm not sure how to describe it, but it doesn't look weird.  Oh I know! It's his "cool" pose since he's referred to the "cool" type in the movie.

Oh and after rewatching the trailer (yes I was bored and watched the trailer mute again)  there's a part where Minami looks like he's having a cat-fight with the camera (it could be a person but if it is it's from the person's view) and I remember there were cat meows during that part when I DID watch it with sound.  And this is during a part where I assume they're all fighting.  Yagami and Shindo are actually fighting with punches and stuff, but Minami's scratching the guy like a cat!  I guess King loses his mind at this point in the movie hahaha (We still love you Minami! XD)  I'm still shocked Jack gets shot (YAGAMI!!!!! Don't die on me Jack!!!...........though I doubt he dies but still.....) They have guns in the sequel! Or at least we are shown that Ace and Jack have guns at least.  King probably has one too but they didn't show it in the trailer.  They remind me of a Japanese guy version of Charlie's Angels.  I like it though! Plus Yagami's hair is awesome! XDD Sorry there I go again with the Yagami hair fandom, but it's so smexy and cool and Asian-like!! (duh Ashley he's Asian *smack*) but but it's so cool!! He gets my first prize for best Asian hair XD

Okay this whole post was about Triple Complex.  Therefore, it shows I did nothing interesting for the past couple of days.  No it does not mean I'm obsessed (even though the picture and even my music of Torikon related) Obsessed would be like if my desktop background was Torikon (it's not, it's a chibi Tenipuri background heh) , I own the dvd (which I don't but I would like to have it) if I had the autographed pictures that was a bonus gift or something, or if I decorated my room with Torikon stuff (just so you know, my walls are decorated in white paint,  that's it.)  Everything else was on the website and when I'm bored, I look at every link on the Torikon website.  It's because of BOREDOM NOT OBSESSION!  Though I do have the soundtrack downloaded in desperate attempts to find the theme song of the movie (because it's a good song okay?!)

Okay I think I'm done.  I'm gonna go watch the first movie (again) since that's all I've talked about in this post. 

Then I'm gonna go running later for excercise because I need it so I don't get fat before I go to college in two weeks (something NOT Torikon related!)

Just so you know, the "dorky" you see on my kitty mood expression icon, that's not the kind of dorky I feel right now.  If you watch Tenimyu and have seen the backstage or some funny part during the musical, or even pictures from photosets/magazines, I feel THAT kind of dorky.  For example, the dorkiness during Dream Live 4th where (in another performance they showed in the backstage clip) Sakurada's dancing a dorky dance during his senpai's songs (with Yagami smiling and looking at him funny and having the expression "I don't know this guy *walks away*) then in Momo's towel-throwing song where Seigaku comes out and throws their towels too, Sakurada's on the side/backstage dancing his dorky dance and I think he missed his entrance (he didn't notice at the time I think)  Reason why I think this is because you see Minami getting ready to go on stage with the towel, and he DOES go on stage and Sakurada was suppose to go on at the same time, but he was too busy enjoying himself with his dorky dance XDD Or another example (this is a shorter explanation, I hope.  This is shown in the backstage clip when the actors were just relaxing): Aiba and his rapping.  His rapping is so lame it's funny XDD "YO YO YO YO OUJI! TENNIS NO OUJI YO YO YO! *bounces up and down*" then it continues on with more "YO's" and something then it ends if I translate to English, "I'm a hot man!" and Yagami says"ARE?! (HUH?!)" (It was PURE COINCIDENCE Yagami was present for both examples mentioned)

Wow this was a very long post, and I totally just blabbed in the Tenimyu part. Okay now I'm REALLY gonna go watch my movie.





The first Japanese store I went to had this magazine.  It had lots of actors in it and it's so awesome!!

The second reason I'm happy is I bought a dvd at another Japanese store! It has AIBA HIROKI and SAITOU TAKUMI!!! Two of a few Tenimyu actors I love!! The first picture's the cover and the second is the back cover. It cost me freaking $40 but it was worth it.  My fortune cookie I ate today said "you'll discover an unexpected treasure." I'm guessing the dvd was it XDD  Also Aiba's a photographer in this movie just like his Tenimyu character Fuji Syuusuke!! That is so awesome!!

Okay that's all for now.

Day Off! And excited!


I'm off from work today!  So I basically did nothing at home except for being a couch potato! xD

The picture today is my Nemu hat!  It's pretty warm and it's so cute!!  I bought it at an anime convention and the authors had a booth of Nemu*Nemu stuff and....it was just calling me and I had to buy it XD  They're handmade too!  As in the authors (and the grandmother) sews them!  Props to them!

Today, after I woke up and ate breakfast, I watched a dvd I burned of Tenimyu.  It was Absolute King Rikkai~Second Service (the last musical performed by the Seigaku 3rd cast!!! T_T)  I love it though!  The songs and dancing were awesome!  Special effects were cool too!

I just found out that Tokyo Ghost Trip with subs will be out soon! YAY!! There's soft-subbed out for now but the group subbing it was waiting for the first dvd to come out before working on hard subs (The dvd just came out on Aug 22)  SQUEE I'm so happy!

Okay I'll probably post later if I actually do something besides being a lazy bum hahaha.

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