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I'm still alive after a week! Just been busy busy. I had a midterm today for chemistry and a math one yesterday.....


Well lots has happened.

I got my Shitenhouji goods (not sure if I already said that)
I got my Tsubasa Chronicle soundtracks, even though they didn't have the one I wanted with the most awesome music.
I preordered Triple Complex Returns on dvd! It came out today, or yesterday in Japan so it should arrive soon I hope. I REALLY REALLY want to watch it!

I'm really tired. Maybe going to go to bed early on a weekend...

Finals suck....

I hate finals. I have a project and conferece tomorrow with my teacher for it. I'm not even going to have time to study for chemistry tonight. ARGH stress overload!!
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Stress Mountain Building UP

RAWR!!! senior prom is this saturday, but I have so much stuff to do before then!! I already had two tests this week and a third one coming on friday o_O then a 3month long projet is due on friday.  RAWR! Then there's more stuff to do AFTER prom!!! There's finals coming up in a few weeks, I gotta teach 2 lesson plans for 2 different clases, then I have all these

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How many hours of sleep do you normally get on school nights?

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