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Kanji Study Time....

Time to study kanji and kanji combinations I don't know.....fun........
And I have to excercise at the IMA today.....I have to burn off all the extra calories I gained during the winter break. And this is in about an hour or so. I got up at past 12:30 pm O.O; I thought it was still 10am! If Elise didn't make a noise while getting ready, I would have slept til later! I didn't hear Jenny get up like I usually do, so I'm shocked. Ok back to study time.
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I have a kanji quiz on Monday...and quizzes are 40% of your grade in Japanese......

I don't  know about half of the kanji because I didn't take the course last quarter....AAARGH I'm behind....

But I went to the bookstore and bought a limited edition Tsubasa Chronicles book and it came with a dvd with an episode from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. I love that show! It's so epic and the vampires are awesome!! XD

And I bought cream puffs. YUMMY!




The first Japanese store I went to had this magazine.  It had lots of actors in it and it's so awesome!!

The second reason I'm happy is I bought a dvd at another Japanese store! It has AIBA HIROKI and SAITOU TAKUMI!!! Two of a few Tenimyu actors I love!! The first picture's the cover and the second is the back cover. It cost me freaking $40 but it was worth it.  My fortune cookie I ate today said "you'll discover an unexpected treasure." I'm guessing the dvd was it XDD  Also Aiba's a photographer in this movie just like his Tenimyu character Fuji Syuusuke!! That is so awesome!!

Okay that's all for now.