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Well yesterday/last night was the UW Hawaii Club's annual luau!! I spent my breaks in these past two months doing tickets and now that's over.  For the first few hours Amanda and I had to give out tickets to the people who bought them online so we were outside the door doing that for the first part. Then when the dancing started we gave our tickets/money to the adult helpers and watched the performers. In my opinion the dancing was the best part, unless you won the surfboard in the raffle drawing. 

Bad part was that between the main program and the concert portion of the luau, those helping with luau had to clear and remove the tables which was a lot of work.  Then we had to do that when the concert was over and we weren't suppose to eat until after the luau was over, so we didn't eat until almost 1am. Overall it was fun! I want to help out again next year.

Now I'm doing the load of homework I didn't do yesterday since I was helping setting up with luau for the first half of the day and at luau in general for the rest of it.  Well back to homework.
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Another Chemistry Midterm

Chemistry midterm tomorrow, which means me studying hard core the night before!

Though I actually understand most of the concepts. I just got to do practice problems to feel comfortable about it. And my midterm's not until the afternoon so I have the morning to practice too.

Okay back to homework and midterm studying/practicing. I seriously need to write longer stuff....


I FINALLY GOT MY TRIPLE COMPLEX RETURNS DVD! I watched it yesterday too! It didn't have as many funny parts as the first one, but definitely more action. Though the beginning and ending were pretty funny. Maybe I'll write a review for it later, but not now because I have tons of homework I have to do today.  Poor Minami he's being picked on almost the entire movie XD

GAH can't start talking about the movie now.  HOMEWORK TIME!!! Later I will DEFINITELY!!


I'm tired from working out today.....

My Triple Complex Returns DVD still didn't come yet!! D: but it's in San Fransisco at least. :) It's in the United States!!!

I got a lot of homework done today. And managed to work out.

Ugh I don't feel like writing much today. Maybe later...


I don't feel really energetic today.....

I did homework pretty  much all weekend. That's because I'm going to Uwajimaya with my Japanese class friend Angelica on Wednesday so I don' want to stay up late that night since I have an early lab the next day.

Hmm I'm  hungry...going to get food :D

No nap...

Remember how I said maybe a couple times I would take a nap? Well I didn't, so I'm more tired. Since I'm done with classes for today I should take one, but I have to go downtown and buy waterproof pants and a beanie for my ski trip.It's better if I go now before the traffic jam on the bus starts, which sucks. By the time I come back it might be that bad already...

Well I better go, then naptime....maybe, then math hw time...which sucks because I don't understand it that well and I still have lots of problems to do......oh well I'll manage.


I've been getting 6hrs of sleep for the past few nights.....I need more sleep. I think I'm going to take a nap after I finish eating lunch, even though I need to finish homework because I forgot to do Japanese homework. And I have to finsh math and chemistry....AAGH BUSY!

Chemistry homework.....

Didn't get too far in homework....I did some though. Maybe now since I had the quiz today I get more of it now. I actually do kind of understand it better since the TA went over it...a bit. Too many formulas........ARGH

Homework Time

I basically wasted this afternoon watching Tsubasa Chronicles. Great, another show to distract me from homework......

I really need to start on chemistry and math homework tonight. Maybe only chemistry.....because I'm lazy. Also I need to finish all homework (at least the one's due by next Tuesday) by Friday because I'm going on a ski trip in Canada and there'll probably be no homework time there.

Okay homework time!

I'm still waiting for my Shitenhoujimyu products T.T