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Chemistry homework.....

Didn't get too far in homework....I did some though. Maybe now since I had the quiz today I get more of it now. I actually do kind of understand it better since the TA went over it...a bit. Too many formulas........ARGH


Well, the testing part anyway. I still have to do the English portfolio....ewww......

OMG the chemistry exam was hard!! There was a question about Seattle air pollution in there and we had to find the concetration of it. What the?! We learned nothing about that. We didn't even have a sample problem even close to that one!

To take a break, I went to the Uwajimaya bookstore. I found the Prince of Tennis vol. 30.5 book! FINALLY! Now I know why I've never found it before. It's an art book, not a regular fan book like the other .5 volumes.  It's huge!! O_O Oh and I got another volume of Cool-up YAY! THe one that's next has Furukawa Yuuta on the cover! OMG I want it! It should be there after I come back from winter break.

Well going to take a break before working on my portfolio

Bored in Chemistry......

I need to stop blogging in chemistry..... I usually don't but this time it's different.

I finishd my chemistry homework yesterday! YAY! And it's not due til Wednesday! I feel accomplished. But in lecture right now, he's still going over the chapter, and the homework was based on the entire chapter.  I already kow how to do this stuff (after killing my brain yesterday for hours.)

Okay I am now officially a fan of the movie Cafe Daikanyama. Not only because there are Tenimyu actors in it, but they look so cool in the uniforms! Uh....too lazy to post a picture buti if you Google the movie or go to the official site on the ........left side of the screen you can see it.

20min left of lecture.........Save me

GRRR at You: #6 on Chem hw

Kay and I can't seem to figure out parts B-F on our chemistry homework for problem 6. We did part A, but we can't get the others. We looked on Yahoo and there are steps on how to do it, but we don't get it and we tried using our numbers but WebAssign said it was wrong. GRRRR!

I think I'll skip it and ask someone for help later.

Oh and I go back to my dorm today. :)

Chemistry Homework is Still Very Bad

This is the freaking hardest chem hw we have been assigned. Everyone in my FIG is just lost. It's amazing. (Not in a good way)

I still haven't vlogged yet even though I said I would. Maybe I'll do it this weekend............maybe....

well back to chemistry homework........eww.......
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Day Before Registration

Geez I found out today that lots of the quiz sections for chemistry that my friends are in are closed.  It's kind of depressing.  Oh well, I just hope that some of my other friends that I haven't discussed it with are in my quiz section.  I won't be with my FIG buddies anymore so I'm not happy about that. :( And we were all pretty close with each other! Now we won't be in the same classes anymore.  Yes you can say I can see them around campus but it's still not as fun as seeing them on campus, or dorm AND being in the same class.  Oh well, I guess this is the point where we all go on our different paths.

Ugh I ended up going to bed at 2:30am last night doing my lab report.  I started at like 7pm, or a little earlier, but I probably wasted like 2hrs worth of time.  One was because I ate dinner and eventually fell asleep while typing my report.  Then I was recording videos on my friends' wall on Facebook.  I truly discovered the fun of webcam yesterday. XD I'm thinking of doing a video blog actually on Youtube.  I'll still have this blog which will probably have more details.  I'm still thinking about it though.  Actually, you know, I WILL do a video blog just because it's fun.  Even if not many people watch it, I'll just do it for the fun of it! XD

Kyah I just found a Furukawa Yuuta community on Livejournal! XD I really want to download his songs!! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to download songs on campus because it's illegal.  People have downloaded stuff here and didn't get caught as long as they don't share it with other people, but I don't want to take that risk.  However people have said if you don't use the school's internet, you can download on campus.  I haven't tried that yet because the person I usually go on for internet hasn't been on so I'm stuck using UW's internet. 

OMG Aly told me about the Japanese band Arashi's new song!! "Beautiful Days" I love their songs!! I got interested in them because they sung the songs for the live action of Hana  Yori Dango. I really like this song!!

Okay I think I'm going to play with my webcam now hehehe.

Eyes Droopy....

I went to bed at 2:45am last night studying for chemistry. I think it may have paid off. I felt that I did decent on this midterm, which I need to do. I was super sleepy after the midterm though, not during it, so that was weird. Worst part was that I had to Environmental Health homework after.  I managed to do it and finshed it at 12:30pm.  I was falling asleep while doing it though. My class starts at 1:30pm so I decided to take a power nap till 1pm and leave my dorm at 1:15. I'm so glad I took that power nap :)

At ROOTS today we made fried rice! I cracked at least 100 eggs O_O I was working with another girl so she cracked just as much. It was crazy. 

Right now I'm waiting for part 3 of the Hana Yori Dango Final movie to load. I'm so happy it came out! AND WITH SUBTITLES!!! XD The subs kind of suck but it's enough to understand.

Well I'm off to watch my movie!

P.S. I really love that new song by Furukawa Yuuta XD
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Quick post!

Making flashcards for chem!

Going to volunteer appreciation thing for an hour or so

Eat dinner


not even kidding. i'm going to isolate myself from the world to study
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Chemistry midterm on Friday.............

I'm helping people on homework for chemistry....

Geez my life at this moment is about chemistry. I should be studying right now.....

OKay off to study!
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