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Hana Kagari Cd pics

Well someone asked to see the Naoya tradng card I got from my cd, so I decided to post pics of the whole cd. :)

Here's the cover of it. I don't know why it's sideways, my computer put it that way....

This is a cardboard cover that's removable. There's a manga-like illustration version of them on the other side but I forgot to take that picture.

This is the back cover of the pamphlet which is sooooo pretty. Again my computer decided to turn the picture sideways for some reason.

And my Naoya trading card I got. My computer's being evil again...

I gotta say that overall, the back cover of the pamphlet is my favorite XD

Oh good news is that I should get my Tenimyu photobook tomorrow YAY!
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I wanted to post this on the day  I got it, but I forgot and posted lyrics on the community instead, but I got my ON/OFF cd!! XD

I really like the second song Hane Kaesu Yuuki because it's so upbeat and catchy. The first song Hana Kagari was more traditional Japanese but it's sooo pretty. Oh oh since my cd was first press, it came with a trading card inside! It was Naoya! (Though I wished it was Kazuya, or both of them) but I'm happy.

Well I FINALLY got word of my photobook. NOW it's on the tracking system. Just got word that it left Dallas, Texas yesterday (after almost a week of no updates.) Well that means I'll get it soon ^_^


I just got an email yesterday that my new ON/OFF cd got shipped, and is already in the U.S.!!! (usually I get the email while my item's still in Japan 0.o). What's even better that the cd is not suppose to be released til March 4th!! So I'm really happy! xD

My photobook got shipped too! I got that email a couple days before from YesAsia, but for some reason there's no info on it on the tracking site on U.S. Postal, so I'm confused on that :/

Actually I'm going to check now to see if there's any update....*goes to check*

Nope, still says no record of the item.  If my ON/OFF cd arrives before my photobook, I'm going to be slightly angry. Oh well I waited longer for the cd (since beginning of February when I ordered it) so I guess it'll be okay.

Chemisry midterm's over, but finals are a couple weeks away. Good news is that I'm going home in a couple weeks YAY!!!
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