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Need for a personal rant

Today has been just horrible and so bad I just need to rant it out

My brother and dad went to Seattle to attend a parent-student orientation for my brother for college.  It's a bit late compared to most of the freshmen so registering for classes is a bit tough.  We get my brother sorted out for now until he completes his foreign language placement test to see what level Japanese he can take.  As of now he has 12 credits which is the minimum amount to be a full-time student and he wishes to switch chemistry with Japanese once he gets his score. My dad however, heard the minimum is 15 credits which was different from what my brother heard so he's insisting my brother to add Japanese rather than switch it with chemistry so he would be taking 17 credits. For his first quarter my brother and I feel it's a bit too much to start out with but my dad keeps insisting it and that for his test for him to do bad so he gets placed in the beginners level so it'll be an easy A. My brother doesn't want that and I've told him second year Japanese is also really easy since he's taken Japanese in high school already but my dad keeps insisting he's the one who's right.  We still haven't sorted this out yet since we don't know my brother's score but it's been causing arguments for all of us in the family.

My brother and dad are coming home today and while they were at the airport they called my mom and my mom asked if my brother was able to take the test.  Then somehow that triggered my dad to say he wants him to take beginning Japanese and my mom calmly tries to persuade him my brother is capable of taking second year Japanese like me and for some reason, my dad starts getting mad at me for having a degree in Japanese because he feels I can't do anything with it.  My mom tells him I plan to do the JET program but I can tell he doesn't like that idea especially since I'll have to pay for the first month with my own money, or I might have to borrow from them.  Basically, he doesn't think I can make a living with my degree.  Like, I'm sorry I don't have a degree in nursing or something medical related like my other college friends.  Finding a job isn't easy for ANY new grad nowadays okay??? And apparently my mom just figured out that if I apply for the JET program which is either next month or October, I wouldn't be going to Japan until July-ish or something and she got mad at how I'd be at home "doing nothing" for many months.  I planned on getting a part-time job at a shopping center near my house since I can't drive to work for now and earn enough money to support myself for the first month in Japan (hoping I get into the JET program *crosses fingers*) but she didn't seem pleased with that idea.

If I didn't get the JET program I was considering applying for an otome game company in Japan, Voltage Inc.  I've been buying a lot of their games/stories on the phone and my friends and I would joke how we should apply there to help speed up translation. They have a Western branch in the US but it's for their "Americanized" versions of the games and it's all 3D computer animated guys that look uglier than the original Japanese guys in my opinion.  But you know worst comes to worst I'll try it.  But I really want to go to Japan and I saw a job position for the overseas department where they communicate with the US so I thought it might be a long shot but technically I have all the skills for that position so if I don't get the JET program I thought I'd do that. My friends and I are even gonna start doing doujinshi scanlations to help my Japanese and experience.  Okay I somehow got onto this topic away from my rant but I guess it's a good thing since I feel more motivated to work harder at my Japanese.

I hate  how just because someone has a major in a  language people assume you won't get a good-paying job.  Also how everything nowadays is expensive in the economy and it just keeps increasing. And the "I need a job but I don't have experience; I want experience but need a job" circle. Ugh.  Life sucks....
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