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Gokaiger mini meme!!!!

Favourite Character: BASCO! I have never loved a villain more than a protagonist before and that's saying something!! He's on par with Aiba in Shinkenger! 
Character I would sleep with: Um...isn't that pretty obvious? *up! look up!!*
Character I would be good friends with: Hmmm...probably....Gai! He seems fun and always happy. Not to mention I love his fanganism every time he sees a previous sentai XD
Least favourite character: That fish guy who hangs with the emperor saying "Choi choi! ME! YOU!" Seriously. Shut it. 
Favourite episode: Basco episodes!!!!!!!
Favourite season: Er, this only  has one, so yeah.
Favourite relationship: MarvelousxAhim. So cute. I love the friendship between Marvelous and Joe too. Also Marvelous and Basco's past friendship. I wish they could have somehow made up in the end....
Least favorite relationship: The Emperor's son and Ahim. Seriously Wtf? I know they're like prince and princess but really?
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