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Tenipuri Meme

Sooooo aside from a couple of questions, I feel that I totally owned that nursing midterm!!!!! XD While I wish I could relax after 3 exams this week, I can't because my teacher gave us Japanese homework......which I'm doing now since I'm wide awake despite lack of sleep so I can sleep well tonight (and I can sleep in since I have a late class tomorrow!) Anyway, I needed a break from reading complicated kanji so I decided to do a meme (stolen from seiiya) XD

How did you find out about PoT?: My friend who played tennis had the manga and I was like "Eh, let me see I'm bored" though I wasn't interested in it back then. It wasn't until a few years later that I got obsessed interested in it.
When was that?: Um.....2007?ish? I found out about it 2004-05 ish though.
What was first for you: Manga as I said before
Did you begin reading/watching it from the beginning?: Yep I actually did 
If not, then at which point of the story?: I read from the beginning okay??????
What was your first impression?: "I want more moments of Ryoma with that girl (Sakuno), awww no more? Now it's getting boring...." oh boy was I wrong XD;
Do you download the manga?: Nope. I'm assuming reading them online doesn't count right?
Do you download the anime?: Everything after the original series XD (I originally had all 178 eps on my home computer but they got deleted)
Do you own original PoT manga books? (How many?): I have up til 36 in English? At home. And I think 12-42 in Japanese. Plus all the Shinpuri volumes and Atobe+Sanada and Ryoma+Yukimura pairpuri. 
Do you own original PoT anime DVDs? (How many?): Um let's see....special edition of Futari no Samurai, a couple of OVA dvds? At least one fandisk DVD, and Ryoma+Sanada Pairpuri DVD. Besides the Pairpuri DVD the rest was bought by my brother. Oh the English dub box sets too.
Are they in your own language?:  Well the English dub ones are, otherwise noooooope XP
Do you own any PoT merchandise?: DER!!!!!!!
What kind?: Um...straps, charamates, oh now one coin figs, stickers (buried somewhere....), the a couple of the dating sims games, I think that's all
Do you buy it regularly?: Heaven forbid I do. I'd be more broke than I already am!!!! 
Your favorite character: Oh boy. Um, random order because there's a lot. Sanada, Fuji, Ryoma, Tezuka, Hiyoshi (thanks to Kei from Tenimyu), Tokugawa Kazuya, Irie (more like his Aiba voice XD)
Your least favorite character: Horio and Tomoka. They should get married.
Your favorite team: It's favorite teamS. SEIGAKU FIGHT-OH! And JOUSHOU RIKKAIDAI!
Your least favorite team: Um...Higa? 
The best game you've seen: Hmm.......Ryoma vs. Sanada? Because I'm biased. XD And Sanada vs. Tezuka because they're totally BFF
Game you would yet like to see: I wanna see Ryoma and Sanada play doubles even though they'd probably suck at it XD
Your favorite pairing: RyoSaku. I'm probably one of the nonyaoi pairing people XD; 
Your least favorite pairing: Um....don't really have one? Some are WTF yes but I don't really have a problem with them. 
The character you're most like: Ugh I dunno....Choutarou? Though I can be like Sanada/Tezuka and Eiji at some points. Oh gosh a combination of those three? Scary.....
Do you write fanfiction?: Not really. I fantasize possible future plotlines but that's like it XP
Do you draw fanart?: Chibis count right? XD
Do you like reading fanfiction?: Not really. More like I try to avoid them since they're so many and I have very little time and don't wanna become obsessed or anything 
Do you like looking at fanart?: Indeed I do
Your favorite fanfiction genre: Er......general? Crack? 
Your favorite fanfiction rating: G
Your favorite fanfiction author: None
Your favorite fanart artist: Ones that draw pretty, hot, or cute pictures :3
Have you ever participated in a PoT cosplay?: Noooope
Do you collect PoT dojinshi?: Nope. My friends do so I just read off of them
Do you draw PoT dojinshi?: Nope I'm not that skilled nor do I have time.
Do you watch PoT AMVs?: Occasionally 
Do you make PoT AMVs?: I used to until I got a new laptop and got lazy
One word to describe PoT: C.R.A.C.K
Is the above word 'crack'?: No mine's C.R.A.C.K. It emphasizes more >:3
Are any of the PoT characters straight?: I would like to hope that at least some are
Should Sakuno die?: No because I want her and Ryoma to make many Ryoma babies
Do you like Ryuzaki-sensei?: Sure, though she does creep me out in her swimwear...
Was the season about Americans necessary in the anime?: Not really, though I did like the Ao to Bin to Kan group they made from the selected team. They pretty much had all my guys in it and sung possibly the best song ever in Tenipuri.
Tenipuri, Anipuri or Tenimyu?: All of the above (or side in this case)
Who is the seme of the series?: Wtf
Who is the uke of the series?: I read that as Ukelele at first. Sleep deprived
Tezuka or Tezubot?: Must we remember Tezubot? XD
Is it OK for Ryoma to be winning all the time?: Lies! He's lost before to Tezuka, Sanada (in the anime), and now Tokugawa. Oh and Ryoga when he was younger. Come on he sucked as a kid XD
Who has the funniest hairstyle?: Oishi the egghead. And like half of the high schoolers in Shinpuri (more like WTF hairstyles)
Who has the best fashion sense?: Hmm Fuji seems to have a good fashion sense? I don't know. Most of the ones I remember really stand out like Atobe XD
Oishi/Kikumaru - canon?: BFF!!!
Sengoku/Atobe - crack?: WTF? XD
Would you like to live in the world of PoT?: YES!!!!
Which team would you like to play in?: Can I be their manager like in the dating sims game? Otherwise I'd die in their practices...XD
Which character would you go out with?: That's.....a tough choice......Any of my favorite guys would be nice! Though realistically speaking maybe Hiyoshi? Someone who teases but can still be tsundere. Or maybe I'm just saying that thanks to my Kei/Sanada Yukimura/Basco/Hiyoshi obsession lately XD
Which character would you become friends with?: EIJI! I would love to have a happy guy like him as a friend. And a big cat around to glomp me XD Momo would be good too (so I can make him buy burgers for me ;D )
Which tennis technique would you like to learn?: TEZUKA ZOOOOOOOOOOONE (so I can kill the dinosaurs too you know?)
Which character would you most like to play against?: .....anyone who sucks more than me? XD
Do you love Atobe?: I wouldn't say he's a favorite character, but he does highly amuse me XD

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