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Oh goodness I really need to update this blog more often OTL

Anyway, so what happened the past few months, I applied for the JET program to teach in Japan, made it past the first round and got the interview, bombed the interview but didn't do bad enough to be rejected so I got placed as an alternate, went through filling out the documents anyway and paying like $120 for fees, and on Monday....................................I GOT A CALL THAT I GOT UPGRADED SO I'M GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll write a more detailed post later for future JET applicants to refer to. But OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I WAS JUMPING AROUND AT WORK WHEN THEY CALLED!!!!

Oh yeah, I work at Book-off and the Lego store right now for the time being. I LOVE my lego job hehe
2nd year ova sanada

Today's the day!

Today's Shinpuri ep has the Ryoma and Sanada heart to heart talk!!! Must.Watch.Later. After I catch up on sleep.

On a side note. Butai Sengoku Basara 3 was.....FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Drunk Yuki-Kei was so adorable I kept watching his part over and over again. 

Gokaiger mini meme!!!!

Favourite Character: BASCO! I have never loved a villain more than a protagonist before and that's saying something!! He's on par with Aiba in Shinkenger! 
Character I would sleep with: Um...isn't that pretty obvious? *up! look up!!*
Character I would be good friends with: Hmmm...probably....Gai! He seems fun and always happy. Not to mention I love his fanganism every time he sees a previous sentai XD
Least favourite character: That fish guy who hangs with the emperor saying "Choi choi! ME! YOU!" Seriously. Shut it. 
Favourite episode: Basco episodes!!!!!!!
Favourite season: Er, this only  has one, so yeah.
Favourite relationship: MarvelousxAhim. So cute. I love the friendship between Marvelous and Joe too. Also Marvelous and Basco's past friendship. I wish they could have somehow made up in the end....
Least favorite relationship: The Emperor's son and Ahim. Seriously Wtf? I know they're like prince and princess but really?
2nd year ova sanada

Tenipuri Meme

Sooooo aside from a couple of questions, I feel that I totally owned that nursing midterm!!!!! XD While I wish I could relax after 3 exams this week, I can't because my teacher gave us Japanese homework......which I'm doing now since I'm wide awake despite lack of sleep so I can sleep well tonight (and I can sleep in since I have a late class tomorrow!) Anyway, I needed a break from reading complicated kanji so I decided to do a meme (stolen from seiiya) XD

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